Browns vs. Giants – Preseason Game 2

On Sunday, August 22, 2021, the Cleveland Browns are home in Cleveland to battle the New York Giants in their second preseason game. This match will be similar to the previous matchup in Jacksonville since Head Coach Kevin Stefanski stated that the Browns will not be playing their starters yet again. This is a smart move by Coach since it prevents injuries from our starters. Another reason this is good news to hear is that the Browns starting lineup has been performing well at practice.

The Browns have had some joint practices with the Giants earlier this week before they play. Sources are saying that the Browns have had the momentum the entire time at practice. This seems to be the reason why the starters are not playing in this game. With QB Baker Mayfield and the Browns getting reps against the Giants at practice that technically is their preseason reps for the game.

This is the only Browns home preseason game for this season. The reason being is because the Browns get the extra regular-season home game. Even though this is still just preseason, it will be nice for the Browns to play at First Energy Stadium.

For a closing statement, if you are like me you are probably just ready for the regular season. I am ready for ‘real’ football and for the Browns to battle the Chiefs Week 1. That is an article for another time, but we just have to get through two more preseason games. The Browns and Giants should still be a fun game to watch. Preseason or regular season, we cheer on the Browns no matter what! Dawg Check!!!

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