Browns vs. Bears – A Very Early Preview


For Week 3 of the NFL football season, the Cleveland Browns host the Chicago Bears in Cleveland for an entertaining matchup. This matchup is going to be a fun and exciting one with a question that everybody is asking. Will the Bears start QB Andy Dalton or the rookie from The Ohio State University QB Justin Fields?

For Cleveland fans, both of these scenarios are exciting regardless. This scenario is definitely a blast from the past regardless of who is starting for Chicago. The reason both are exciting is that Andy Dalton played a majority of his career in the AFC North, so the Browns are very familiar with him. On the other hand, the scenario with Justin Fields being the starter will be exciting since he comes from our very own Buckeyes!

Either way, this matchup should be a great one!

Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns should be able to win this game when these two teams matchup. The Browns are going to be more comfortable after previously playing two games, which will help create momentum for our new and improved defense.

Again, this is all too early to tell, but the Browns should have a better offense and defense to match up against the Chicago Bears. When it comes to the defense though, this game has a chance of turning into a defensive battle. The Bears are not a team to mess with defensively and they can produce turnovers. If the new and improved Browns defense can shut down Dalton/Fields, Cleveland will be successful.

So, my closing question for all of you diehard Browns fans…Who do you want? Andy Dalton or Justin Fields? Either way, this matchup is going to be one for the books and will definitely have the stadium rocking in Cleveland! Get ready for Baker Mayfield and the Browns to show the Bears who’s in charge when they come to Cleveland!

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