March 3, 2024

It’s over. The Browns got smoked by the Texans with a score of 45-14 in the wildcard playoff game against Houston.

This via WKYC – “It marks the team’s worst postseason defeat since 1968, when the Baltimore Colts soundly beat a group led by Hall of Famers Leroy Kelly and Paul Warfield 34-0 with a trip to Super Bowl III on the line.”

Of course, everyone will say what a wonderful season it was and such. I even wrote an article a few weeks ago saying how great everything was this year regardless of the outcome.


Honestly, it was just so disappointing because this defense was supposed to be glorious. Yes, the score looks bad with two pick six’s but even so the defense was so terrible. How did Myles Garrett do? No sacks and very few big plays.

What a joke…

My least favorite part about football is the fact that it’s not a series of any type but a single contest in each playoff game. One loss and that’s unlike say a basketball series. Obviously, it’s different.

It’s sad that the season is over and it’s horrible to look at the outcome and see the difference in the score.

Honestly, fans are going to watch the team moving forward and really have no idea what to think of the bunch because of what the Texans showed with this blowout.

QB Joe Flacco ended up revealing why teams didn’t sign him with those interceptions. Despite an amazing couple of throws, the Dawgs could not handle the picks.

Even if the Browns end up with an 11-6 record next season all everyone is going to say is “We have no idea about the playoffs.” 

It’s the truth.

Additionally, just wait for the questions about DeShaun Watson or Joe Flacco as the potential quarterback in Cleveland.

Personally, I thought that the Browns were going to win against Houston. Even so, I thought at least the score would be somewhat close. What an embarrassment this ended up being.

I think it’s only right to be hard on a team that showed such a horrific display in a crucial battle.

They just didn’t want it.

With coach Stefanski/Schwartz and the Browns enduring this entire season, we all thought it would be a different result.

The standard must be held even with an amazing season prior. Winning playoff games is the only chance to get to the Super Bowl – duh. It’s obviously not happening this year, that’s for sure.

Next time the Browns are in the playoffs, they better show something and hope it leads to the promised land. A fight that ends up with a much better outcome.

Having standards as a Browns fan remains okay even with a great year prior.





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