Browns Sucked: Not Saying I Was Right But…

Last week, I wrote an article that essentially said when a team gets an entire week to prepare for an Odell Beckham Jr.-less Cleveland Browns, they’d do a lot better than say the Cincinnati Bengals did two Sundays ago once OBJ was out of the game with the ACL tear. I understood the logic behind fans saying the Browns could be better without the stud wideout but didn’t see his absence helping in the longterm.

After falling by a score of 16-6 to the Los Vegas Raiders at First Energy Stadium, there were plenty of different things to blame it on. And with the bye week, there are two weeks to do it…


Poor Tackling



But one factor that all fans could agree on is that it certainly would’ve helped to have WR Odell Beckham Jr. out on the field for the hometown team. The man spreads the field, must be accounted for on each offensive snap and has the ability to make a big play no matter the weather.

Hate to say it, but OBJ is gone for the year. The players out on the field are the ones that play. Even if, in theory, he would make the offense better, it doesn’t matter.

Sadly, the Browns have also lost RB Nick Chubb, OT JC Tretter and even DE Myles Garrett was on and off the field with a knee injury, too (MRI today…hope he’s OK). The Browns’ best players seem to be falling left and right. However, adjustments must be made with the guys that are putting on the uniform in order to win.

Every team has injuries…right?

Myles Garrett looking for the sack.

Finally, the fact of the matter is that both teams had to endure the weather and were playing on the same exact field. Thus, that takes away that excuse.

It’s an odd feeling heading into the bye week with a 5-3 record, yet feeling extremely flat about it all. Well, that’s exactly how it is. These Browns are just not as good as say the Baltimore Ravens or Pittsburgh Steelers within the AFC North. The only difference is this year they aren’t a bottom-feeding laughing stock like usual.

More a tier-two squad.

Coming out of the bye week and heading to the back-half of the season and this team must lose the excuses and simply start winning. That’s how the best teams do it and if the Browns want any chance to make the playoffs or even win in the postseason, the excuses aren’t the way to do it.

Instead, executing to the highest level.


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