Browns Struggle Mightily in Week 2

Updated: September 17, 2017

The Cleveland Browns played their rival in the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Let’s just say it didn’t go as planned.

The Browns fell to the Ravens 24-10. With a rookie quarterback in DeShone Kizer, there was a consensus that he will probably struggle against a top-end defense. He did just that. Kizer threw more than he should and that lies on Hue Jackson, just completing a mere 15/31 passes for 182 yards and three interceptions resulting in a 27.3 rating.

Not all of this falls on Kizer, though. The coaching in this game was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. From burning timeouts so they wouldn’t receive a delay of game penalty to play calling. Hue Jackson did Kizer no favors, especially when he came back in from a migraine and called a QB-draw. Cleveland’s defense lived by the blitz and died by the blitz all day long. The tackling was as if the Ravens’ players had oil on them. Tight ends continue to cause issues and the run defense was suspect, allowing 120+ yards. Isaiah Crowell could not get it going this afternoon either, getting the ball just ten times for 37 yards.

Through all of this, it must be recognized that it is only Week 2 and we still have 14 games to go. This is a young team; there will be huge growing pains and we must be patient.

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