Browns Sign Key OL To a Long-Term Extension

Great news – Browns Nation! The Cleveland Browns just re-signed G Wyatt Teller to a four-year contract. This means he will be on the team until 2025. For people who have doubts about the Browns still, this is a good move. The reason this is a good move is because good teams find ways to keep their good players. Teller is a huge key to our success when it comes to our offensive line. He has helped establish the run game for the Cleveland Browns and is a huge protector to QB Baker Mayfield.

The only thing that would worry me, as a Cleveland Browns fan, is the fate of some of our other superstar players. This makes me feel that WR Jarvis Landry could possibly be gone after this season. Since the Browns will have a lower salary cap after this signing, the question is, can we afford to pay Landry?

Although, this topic can be a burden, the extension of Wyatt Teller guarantees that the Browns O-line will continue to be successful. It seems that the Browns are building their offense more around the running game. This keeps the success of RBs Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt stable within the Browns O-line protection. Overall, this was a great signing by the Browns, as the future continues to be bright!

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