Browns Sign Josh McCown, Now What?


Friday evening the news broke that Josh McCown has agreed to a three year, $15 million deal to join the Browns. This move is equivalent to the recent “re-oranging” of the Browns logo. A minor change from one shade of orange to another;this deal is a minor change from one mediocre veteran quarterback to another.

This news likely doesn’t excite many fans but it was a necessary move nonetheless. The Browns could either re-sign Hoyer or choose from the miserable pool of free agent quarterbacks. They chose the latter because Hoyer never really showed he could take this team anywhere in the long term.

Cleveland was never truly invested in Hoyer, who was a residual player from the previous regime. It’s unfortunate, because Hoyer is a hometown guy and an incredibly hard worker, but he simply isn’t starting quarterback material. I hope he finds a home, possibly in Houston where he has a chance to compete.

When it comes to McCown, he is coming off an awful season with the Buccaneers. He threw 11 touchdowns and 14 interceptions in 11 games. Not much different than Hoyer’s 2014 season with 12 TDs and 13 interceptions.

Yet, during his time in Chicago with the Bears, McCown stepped in for an injured Jay Cutler and played outstanding football, with a 13-1 TD-Int ratio. This was partly a result of throwing to Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall under the tutelage of Mark Trestman, back when Trestman was still considered an “offensive mastermind.” Still, he proved he is capable of playing at a very high level if he has talent around him.

McCown will play the role of mentoring Manziel during training camp and throughout the season while also pushing him for the starting spot. I do not anticipate McCown actually starting, unless Manziel has a completely dreadful camp. Hopefully, McCown and Manziel are able to form a better relationship than Hoyer and Manziel’s alleged distaste for one another. When it comes down to it, this acquisition won’t impress anyone but it is a necessary change.

For these reasons, I think this move is a minor improvement or a “re-oranging” if you will, of the quarterback position. Let’s just hope we get Chicago McCown and not Tampa Bay McCown.

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