March 4, 2024

This news just in the Cleveland Browns signed QB Joe Flacco to a one-year deal! This means no more practice squad for the quarterback. Yes, fans were scared that Flacco would go racing to another team because he could’ve technically signed elsewhere.

THIS ISN’T LEBRON JAMES Y’All. (LBJ we’re cool, bro).

Via Adam Schefter – Joe Flacco’s new one-year deal with the Browns includes $4.05 million of incentives based on winning, per a source familiar with the deal.   Flacco will make $75,000 for each of the remaining four regular-season games he wins this season.”

Flacco’s certainly pumping up his teammates in order to make that cash for the rest of the season. 75K a game is cool, but he’s trying to get that four million.

More from Schefter – “Should Cleveland advance to the postseason, Flacco would make $250,000 for a wild-card win, $500,000 for a divisional-playoff win, $1 million for an AFC Championship game win and $2 million for a Super Bowl win.   The deal expires after this season when, once again, Flacco will be a free agent.”

Let’s be honest, if Flacco wins a Super Bowl he’ll get so much money from Browns fans that it’ll make Shohei Ohtani look poor.

This year, Flacco has thrown for 565 yards and five touchdowns compared to two interceptions just in two games. The man throws a great spiral, honestly.

What will end up being a huge storyline if Flacco continues success for the rest of the reason and is a free agent. What will the Browns do with QB Deshaun Watson still under that giant contract? Again, remains to be seen. A lot of football left to be played in this single year.

The Browns are currently 8-5 and in clear playoff contention with four games left in the regular season against the Bears, in Houston, home against the Jets and lastly in Cincinnati in what will likely be a huge one to finish it all out.

Honestly, if you didn’t dislike Joe Flacco in the past then you weren’t really a Browns fan as he was a star for the Ravens/Jets and dominated against our very Browns. Now, the man is on our side and it’s great to watch this team thrive.

If I’m Deshaun Watson, I’m likely talking to a therapist about how I feel in regard to my emotions about Flacco. After all, this quarterback stole the show and is thriving here in Cleveland.

Frankly, it’s going to be quite a finish to the season here in The Land and let’s hope it’s a positive outcome.

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