We are only 3 games into the preseason, but it’s never too early to dissect the schedule and analyze  how the season will (might) turn out.

Week 1
Week 1 of course we have the nasty, dirty Pittsburgh Steelers in Pitt. The Steelers’ record last year was 8-8. They are coached by Mike Tomlin and the QB is Ben Roethlisberger. Of course this will be the first game for new Head Coach Mike Pettine. (For more on Pettine read my article on him here: https://clesportstalk.com/2014/08/head-coach-mike-pettine/) It will be an interesting game for a multitude of reasons. First, to see how well the team and coaching staff works. Second, to see if we can go to Pitt. and pull out a big win. Obviously they have been the big bullies recently, however the Browns can put up a fight in this one. I don’t think the Steelers kill us, but they come away with the win. Joe Haden has an excellent game. Steelers don’t get a run game going, find success through the air. Cleveland offense struggles. Bryan Hoyer starts off the season, but if the preseason games are an indication, our offense may be in trouble.
Steelers 21-17

Week 2
Following the week 1 loss the team has the home opener against the New Orleans Saints. The Saints’ record last year was 11-5. The coach is Sean Payton and the QB is Drew Brees. I believe this is our breakout game. Drew Brees marches the Saints to Cleveland and will leave with a loss. Browns shut down Brees as much as you can shut down Brees. Saints’ run game is nonexistent. And the Browns offense is hot. Browns win on offense-defense-special teams. Overall great game for the Brownies.
Cleveland 34-17

Week 3
Browns are riding high after the big win. Baltimore comes to town in what will be a close contest. Their record last season was 8-8. Baltimore’s offense has gotten up to speed and Ray Rice makes his debut. The Ravens defense has been shaky but I believe they come back to beat the Browns. In a game where defense makes stops and the punter becomes a player, the Ravens slip by in the 4th to win it. I’m predicting Ray Rice gets near 120 as he wants to prove he’s not just an abuser. Watch for some big hits on him though. Ravens get a big play late and get the winning touchdown. I really see this as a pretty defensive game. Back and forth football. Watch for Dansby, Haden, and I think Kirksey will all make good plays for Browns. Just not able to stop the game winning drive.
Ravens 14-10

Week 4
Bye week.
1-2 is not where Pettine wants to be. Pettine is a tough guy and gets tough during practice. IF THEY ARE GOING TO PLAY MANZEIL THIS IS WHERE THEY SHOULD DO IT! SCHEDULE LIGHTENS UP AND IT WOULD GIVE JFOOTY 2 WEEKS TO PRACTICE WITH ONES AND GO TO THE LACKLUSTER TITANS. For the analysis however, I cannot assume Manziel is starting. I also cannot assume Josh Gordon is playing until week 9. I will give updates if such events happen sooner. But for now, no Gordon and Hoyer starting.

Week 5
After the big bye week, the team comes back focused. They don’t just want to keep going back and forth all season. Goals have been laid out. Browns show intensity in this one like the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. Complete dominance in this one. We go to Tennessee who was 7-9 last season and give a good show. Hoyer or Manziel really light it up.
Browns 28-6

Week 6
Of course following the big win in Tennessee, we get the home game vs the Steelers. This one is so hard to call. So many factors. Given our offense looked horrible in preseason and the defense was iffy, I already have the Browns at 2-2. I have to err on the side of caution and give them the loss here. If I believe it’s a toss up I’m probably going to give them the loss here. I think next year we can give those 50-50 games to the Browns as we should be much improved. I’m looking at this from only what I saw out of 3 preseason games. I look for Ben and Antonio Bryant to just be a little too much for us here.
Steelers 24-14

Week 7
Week 7 we have about as easy as we will see all year. The lowly Jaguars. Bortles looked good in preseason, I don’t know why he isn’t starting here. Anyway we should win this game, plain and simple. If we aren’t winning this game I will have serious doubts for the Browns. This is coming from someone who believes that .500 is the sky for the season. I’m not gonna say we score a lot of points though. But we find the end zone twice and get a Cundiff field goal. If Manziel plays it would be a lot of fun to watch.
Browns 17-7

Week 8
Heading into week 8 I am facing a 50-50 game. We host the Raiders. In years past I give this to the Browns. But they have new QB’s Schaub and Carr, MOJO or Maurice Jones Drew, and Lamaar Woodley. They are a much improved football team. I have no idea how this one plays out. Lot of points, little points, I don’t know. Make sure you watch. Giving it to Oakland for now though.
Raiders 28-10

Week 9
Week 9 we host the Bucs for the second straight game at home. At this point I have us at 3-4. We have alternated wins. That ends here for now. I really like Doug Martin and Mike Evans. I think both will be a force this season, and this game. I would love to see us win at home, especially after a loss. I just don’t see it at this time. I’m calling this one in overtime.
Bucs 24-21

Week 10
The Browns now sit at 3-5. And if the Browns put Manziel in when I said to, he is only 2-3 as a starter. And I hate to make “Manziel” lose back to back if I think he is starting. But, I hate MUCH MORE to make my Browns lose. Week 10 we go to Cinci. As heartbreaking as it is, I’m having us lose 3 straight, all in Ohio. Andy Dalton, AJ Green. The Bengals are a solid team. More complete then us right now. (Maybe Gordon returns).
Bengals 31-20

Week 11
This is the best time in our schedule. I believe we can go on a little run to get back up to .500. The Browns sit at 3-6. We can win 3 in a row right here, Starting off at home against the Texans. (4th straight game in Ohio) The Texans took Clowney #1 overall. Still holes on team. Including QB. Browns get hot early, we take home the W and run away with confidence.
Browns 34-17

Week 12
Going to Altanta to play the Falcons. At the beginning of last year I wouldn’t have given the Browns a shot. But the Falcons were so bad last year, I have to give this one to the Browns. Haden, Skrine, and Gilbert are a fearsome trio that now can work together. Shuts down Ryan even with Julio and White.
Browns 17-10

Week 13
Coming off back to back wins feels good, I don’t care who is playing QB. Here we have the Buffalo Bills. I love the defense with Williams and Dareus. And even the QB Manuel. However this is Pettine’s former team. He will walk away victorious. If Manzeil is not starting look for some trick plays. Coaches love that stuff. Offense goes well through the air. Ground game isn’t bad, although tough yards. Browns’ defense holds Manuel to 2 field goals. Believe defense walks away with some INT’s.
Browns 24-6

Week 14
Everything’s going good for the Browns. 6-6 with 4 games left. Until they look at the schedule. We have the fearsome Colts led by Luck coming to town. And we need some to win. The Colts have been good as late and Luck looks like a successor to Manning should. Just too much for the Browns.
Colts 24-10

Week 15
I think if the Browns get a win in the last four weeks it will be here. However, I’m not calling it. I expect the same kind of game from a little more than a month ago. I really hope the Browns can pull this one out and remain competitive at 7-7. I just don’t see it. They unfortunately fall back to 6-8.
Bengals 21-17

Week 16
The last 2 games are on the road. This one against the Panthers. The Panthers are obviously one of the best right now. Cam Newton is amazing. Luke Kuekly. The Browns are not pulling this one out in Carolina.
Panthers 28-13

Week 17
Here it is. Last week. Against the Ravens. This is where we fall ultimately short and go 6-10 for the year. Don’t worry Browns fans, I really feel like we are more primed for next season. There are so many questions for the year. Manziel. Gordon. Offense. Everything. Lets give it another season and hopefully we fare better. Don’t give up on the Browns though. Go out and support them. You never know, they might shock us..

If you want to discuss my picks tweet at me @CST_DallasT. Thanks for reading.
Go Browns.

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