Browns Roster Analysis – Running Back

With the Browns season officially over, it’s time to take a look at this roster and figure out who has a chance to be back in 2018 and who should be looking for a job along with the Browns current head coach.

The roster is honestly pretty tough to analyze. There are a lot of young players who may have the potential to improve over time. The problem is that you simply have to make changes to a roster that couldn’t figure out how to win a single game this season.
The fact that there is a new GM in town makes it that much tougher to guess who has a chance to return next season. John Dorsey may decide to cut ties with players that would have been safe under Sashi Brown.

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll go through the roster one position at a time and try to figure out who has the best chance to return. We’ll look at a combination of stats, draft status, age, contract status and anything else that may be pertinent.

We’ll kick things off with the Browns running backs.

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