Life is hard and so is playing football – especially taking the hits. We all learned that in quite a way when our friend and beloved superstar running back Nick Chubb had a gruesome injury to his ACL in a game against the Steelers in 2013.

His season was over after two weeks, 28 carries and 170 yards. Not a single touchdown was scored…

Some have wondered whether the injury and Chubb’s high cap number — $15.825 million in 2024 would prompt the team to release the running back because of an inability to return and perform at his best.

Chubb has racked up 6,511 yards and 48 rushing touchdowns over six seasons and had a way about himself that made Clevelanders love him here.

Chubb is now 28 years old and unfortunately for a running back that is honestly “old.” Even say a quarterback is able to manage at that age whereas a back that has sustained the terrible injuries and played those six years that Chubb has make a career almost done.

Well, it appears Chubb will be back with the Browns.

Accord to Jeremy Fowler, his salary cap hit is from $15.85M to $6.275M, per source. The deal gives him the opportunity to earn up to $12.2M in 2024 based on performance levels he had achieved prior to injury.

My guess is the Browns met with Chubb and said that we can see what happened with this injury, we want to keep you on the roster for this season, but we also have to be realistic with what happen with your injury. That we obviously hope you perform well but also have to be realistic.

Now, those performance levels were not released to the public. I have an idea for them:

Nick, score a lot of touchdowns, rush for a lot of yards and stay healthy and in uniform for the entire season. 

See, why am I not the GM of the team?

Good for Nick to be realistic and willing to work with the Browns in order to make the contract work. If he was stubborn and said he wasn’t willing the Browns could’ve honestly released him. Had that happened, this city would’ve gone crazy and rightfully so. The back is so likable and it’s for the best to keep him in uniform.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Chubb after the season. If the back does stay healthy, do the Browns try and re-sign him and extend his career? If he struggles, is it over here? Another injury and that’s it…

Best of luck, Nick Chubb. Have a great season in Cleveland!

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