April 20, 2024

Browns Restructure LT Jedrick Wills Jr’s Contract


On Friday, they restructured the contract of left tackle Jedrick Wills Jr. This is a great move for the team that is trying to clear up cap space. It’ll be termed a “restructure bonus.”

Wills Jr. is 24 years old out of Alabama and has played four years in the league all for the Browns – 53 games total.

He endured arthroscopic surgery in December to repair his torn MCL, thus only playing eight games out of 17 last season.

Via CLE Dot Com: “He’s ranked 71st in run-blocking (44.0) and 58th in pass-blocking (53.8) among offensive tackles. For further context, the only time Wills has graded over a 60.0 in run blocking was in 2021, ranking 65th among offensive tackles (61.7)”

Many fans here in Cleveland have had fears that the Browns would have to let go of players such as the beloved running back in Nick Chubb due to the limited cap space. If the Browns did that this city would go absolutely insane.

The key for Wills Jr. moving forward will be to make a full recovery from the surgery and stay healthy this entire upcoming season.

After this year Wills Jr. becomes a free agent. However, he is certainly still young and has many more years in his future for the Browns either blocking for Deshaun Watson, Joe Flacco or some other quarterback (you know we go through them).

GM Andrew Berry has done a great job so far of dealing with the salary cap crisis. Luckily for the Browns, the NFL salary cap went up a record 13.6% this year, from $224.8 million to $255.4 million per team.

Let’s see what other moves the Browns will make before this approaching season begins. The offensive line isn’t the most flashy part of a football team but definitely is one of the most important. This move proves the values of the team are strong.

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