Browns Quarterbacks Since ’99 RANKED From Worst to First!

13. Josh McCown

Josh Mccown was quarterback for the Browns in 2015 and 2016 and he started 11 games for the team. As a starter for the team he complied a 1-10 record during his tenure at the quarter back position. He threw 18 touchdowns and 10 interceptions as a Brown.

12. Johnny Manziel

“Johnny Football” aka Johnny Manziel was a first round draft pick by the Browns in 2014 amongst a lot of excitement surrounding his play. During the two years he played for the team, he started eight games with a completion percentage of 57%. He threw an even seven touchdowns to interception and passed for 1,675 yards.

11. Jake Delhomme

Jake signed a two-year deal with Cleveland once his respectable stint with the Panthers concluded. He was brought in to provide a veteran presence for the rookie Colt McCoy. He sprained his ankle in the second quarter of the first game and didn’t return until Week 5 when he reinjured his ankle. The veteran started three games, winning two of them until McCoy returned from injury. Delhomme was released after one year of service.

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