​Last Sunday afternoon the Cleveland Browns traveled to Baltimore Maryland to take on the Baltimore Ravens. This was a rematch from the Browns’ week four loss this season. In that game, a Deshaun Watson injury forced the Browns into a last-minute start of rookie quarterback Dorian Thomson-Robinson. That resulted in a 28-3 home loss for the Browns. Watson finally returned from the injury in the previous week at home against the Arizona Cardinals. He played a good game and seemed to get more comfortable as the game progressed in the 27-0 Browns win. Watson’s health wasn’t the only thing important about this game.

The Ravens sat atop of AFC North with a 7-2 record. The Browns were in a three-way tie for second place with a 5-3 record going into this game. This game and next Sunday at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers would represent not only the Browns playoff hopes. It would also represent their chance at a division championship. I have written before that there are 17 games in an NFL season and every game is important. In that NFL season, every team has six divisional games to play. Those games are twice as important for a team’s playoff chances. Winning these divisional games would put the Browns in a very good position in the divisional race. However, Baltimore was on a roll and beating them at home is easier said than done.

If the NFL playoffs started last weekend, every team in the AFC North Division would be in the playoffs. That would be unprecedented if that trend continues to the end of the season. The Browns would be the sixth seed. The Ravens would be the second seed. This goes to show how competitive the AFC North is and how important each divisional game is. The Browns needed to win this game to contend. And that is exactly what the Browns did, they won the game.

On a last-second Dustin Hopkins 40-yard field goal, the Browns defeated the Ravens 33-31. The start of the game went horribly for the Browns. Deshaun Watson had an interception returned for a touchdown on his first pass. The defense uncharacteristically gave up a touchdown on a 39-yard run from Ravens running back Keaton Mitchell. Watson didn’t help the cause after his interception. He finished the first half 6-20 with 79 yards. The Browns trailed the Ravens at halftime 9-17. But there is a second half to every game.

Watson in the second half went 14-14 for 134 yards and a touchdown. He also scored on a key two-point conversion run. The Browns defense stepped up as well getting stops and a Greg Newsome II interception returned for a touchdown. On top of that, the Browns had 178 yards rushing as a team without Nick Chubb. The offensive line was missing tackles Jed Wills and Dawand Jones. All of this was against one of the top defenses in the NFL. Despite the setbacks and obvious mistakes, this was a gritty team win.

Next Sunday the Browns host the Pittsburgh Steelers in another important divisional game. Both teams’ records are 6-3 and are a half-game back from first place in the AFC North. Next Sunday is a big divisional game at home. Many people said that this win in Baltimore is the reason the Browns traded for and paid Deshaun Watson. What all Browns fans need to remember is that Watson is also getting paid for next Sunday.

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