Browns plan of action for the 2018 draft

After an 0-3 start, I don’t think any fan could say this team is still a definite playoff team. This means another high pick for the Browns is inevitable. With the Browns owning Houston’s first-round pick as well as their second-round pick, they are in a position to trade up or trade down if needed. I think the Browns will trade down in the first round of the 2018 draft and here are some reasons why:

Deshone Kizer has looked like exactly what he is over the first three games; a rookie quarterback adjusting to a new system and new players. He has shown some flashes that he could be an elite quarterback down the line. He has shown some growing pains which you expect from a rookie QB. I think this new regime will show patience and stick with him for at least a few more seasons. For this reason, I think you won’t see a QB taken in the first round by the Cleveland Browns and for that reason you will definitely see a trade-down from their top spot.

The return for a top 3 pick in the draft will be absolutely ridiculous. The Redskins traded up to grab RGIII in the 2012 draft, it cost them EIGHT players/picks. All three of these QB prospects are seen as more valuable than RGIII. If the Browns get a top 3 pick, the return will just be too good to pass up .Just a simple trade down from the two or three spot to the 6th spot could give them eight new players to help out Deshone Kizer and the offense and Jabrill Peppers and the secondary. Some fans will still be mad if they trade down but the way I see it the most valuable player to the Browns in this draft is Saquon Barkley, who could still be grabbed at six.

The Browns trade down seems like the most likely plan of action in the 2018 draft. I support a trade down 100% and would love to see the return they would get from a top 3 pick. With all the assets the Browns have in this 2018 draft, they will be sure to bring in fresh faces that will contribute no matter what route they turn to.

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