April 14, 2024

Browns Need To Bring In Brian Flores – No Questions Asked


The Cleveland Browns fired DC Joe Woods at the end of the 2023 season. This move needed to happen since the Browns Defense did not play to the best of their ability. The Browns are now currently looking to hire their next defensive coordinator. The three options I am hearing floating around are Jerod Mayo, Jim Schwartz and Brian Flores. Out of the three, the Browns need to hire Brian Flores and bring him in as soon as possible. Brian Flores needs to be the next Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator no matter what.

The Cleveland Browns need to bring in Brian Flores as their next defensive coordinator because he will make the Browns Defense motivated. There is talent on this current Browns Defense and Flores can help bring back a spark with these players. The Browns Defense in 2022 gave up a bunch of points and were some of the reasons the Browns lost some of their games this past season.

Brian Flores also has experience in being a head coach.

With three years as a head coach for the Miami Dolphins, Flores has an overall record of 24-25 with two winning seasons in Miami. Current Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski must win in 2024 to keep his head coaching gig. If Stefanski continues to fail, the Browns should then promote Brian Flores to be the next coach of the Cleveland Browns. Not interim, nothing temporary, the full-time long-term head coach.

The Browns need to make this happen and bring Flores in as defensive coordinator. If the Browns can hire him, this will be an early splash for the 2023 NFL Offseason.

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