Browns Myth Buster #2: Don’t Count Out The Money Man


The Cleveland Browns are good. The Browns are capable of playing very good football. The Browns have a good front office and a strong leader at head coach in Mike Pettine. The Browns have reliable pass catching weapons, a top five offensive line and the best secondary on this side of the Mississippi.

Follow along with us as we disprove each negative myth about the Browns in the offseason.

Browns myth #2: Johnny Manziel is not a total lost cause.

Let me preface this by giving you some background information about my view of Johnny Manziel. Manziel was my 6th overall quarterback in the 2014 NFL Draft. I had Teddy Bridgewater, Derek Carr, Blake Bortles, Zach Mettenberg and Aaron Murray all above Manziel. Manziel is a really tiny. He’s short like Russell Wilson, yes, but he doesn’t have the mass that Wilson possesses. I clamored for Teddy Bridgewater and wanted the Browns to take him at 4, let alone 8, 9 and 22. I thought Manziel was a good mid-round prospect who could develop into a starter for three years, and put up some Matt Schaub numbers. I was devastated when the Browns traded back up to select Manziel and I rode the Hoyer train all season.

Having said that, I do still believe that Manziel could develop into a starting quarterback. Manziel has a strong enough arm to make throws, but this arm strength only is on display when Manziel has his feet underneath of him. This is evidenced in this play:

The one thing that nobody can argue with Manziel is his innate ability to sense pressure in the pocket. This is the one thing that Manziel can do at an elite level. Manziel can escape the pressure in the pocket, but what he does after he escapes the pocket is where Manziel struggles. Instead of tucking and running, Manziel should keep looking to push the ball downfield unless there is an obvious way to gain yards with his legs.

Concerning the off-field troubles, Manziel made a giant leap by entering rehabilitation. Anybody can sit back and say, “Yeah go to rehab and get yourself better.” But actually admitting to yourself that you were wrong and that you have been living your life the wrong way isn’t something the average man could do. Manziel is committed to rehab as well. He easily could’ve went for two weeks and came out, but Manziel is going to be in rehab for months. Manziel looks like he isn’t going to take any chances of a relapse, and personally, I commend him for it. Manziel is a competitive SOB and now that his mind is strictly on football, it will be interesting to see how Manziel will compete in the upcoming training camp.

Johnny Manziel looked about as bad as you could look to start his career. I didn’t enjoy watching him play, and watching the Bengals game with multiple die-hard Cincinasty fans was gruesome. Manziel can improve his play. He can be a starting level NFL quarterback ala Jeff Garcia. With a healthy Alex Mack, improved receiving corps, new coordinator, and QB coach, Manziel has the potential to improve.

Only time will tell.

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