The Cleveland Browns are good. The Browns are capable of playing very good football. The Browns have a good front office and a strong leader at head coach in Mike Pettine. The Browns have reliable pass catching weapons, a top five offensive line and the best secondary on this side of the Mississippi.

Follow along with us as we disprove each negative myth about the Browns in the offseason.

Myth #1: General Manager Ray Farmer is incompetent and is on the hot seat.

Personally, this may be the complaint that some fans have that irks me the most. Browns fans point to the first round of this draft and the response is almost always “Hurr durr Gilbert and Johnny didn’t do squat this year.” While that may be true, Gilbert is a rookie corner, and nearly every single expert, analyst, and hardcore fan can tell you that adjusting to the NFL is hard, and at cornerback it is nearly impossible. Darrelle Revis struggled mightily, Patrick Peterson struggled mightily, and even our very own Joe Haden looked like a lost cause. Gilbert is an athletic marvel who is adapting to playing corner in the NFL and improved every week. Gilbert showed flashes, and now with the signing of the Tramon Williams, Gilbert can focus purely on shutting down #3 receivers in the slot, something much more manageable than trying to lock down a wide receiver on the outside.

Manziel on the other hand, does seem to look completely overwhelmed. He struggled mightily in his limited action and his off-field problems have gotten to a point that even some of Manziel’s biggest naysayers couldn’t have foreseen coming.  Manziel was in rehab, but this is a good sign. Manziel is seen as cocky, brash, and haughty. Only caring about himself and not the team. Checking into rehab is an action that a man who has matured makes. Manziel is maturing off the field, and hopefully this will translate to his on field performance.

For the rest of the rookies, Ray Farmer arguably had the best draft of any team in the NFL. Joel Bitonio stepped in day one and was one of the best offensive guards in the entire NFL. Christian Kirksey looked like a stud at points during the season, and has been considered a “potential star” by’s, Bucky Brooks. Terrance West started 6 games for the Browns and ran for almost 700 yards while averaging 4 yards a carry. Pierre Desir has shared in the same problems as Gilbert, and can be expected to progress nicely as he uses his large frame to bother opposing wide receivers.

The undrafted free agent market is where Ray Farmer really struck gold. Isaiah Crowell was a former SEC freshman of the year that stepped in and was the most talented running back on the Browns team, possibly of all the rookie running backs. Taylor Gabriel is undersized to be a traditional deep threat, but he was 3rd in the NFL with 17.3 yards per catch. K’Waun Williams was arguably the most productive rookie corner on the team, filling in at nickel corner throughout the year.

Farmer still has the cloud of “Text-gate” looming over his head, but the league has suspended judgement on the issue for such a long time that it’s seeming more and more plausible that the Browns may only be fined, and not have to worry about any loss of draft picks.

Farmer has two first round picks again this year, and it will be interesting to see if he improves on his haul of last year. The Browns should also be in line for compensatory picks which will help Farmer as he has shown that he is capable of finding late round steals.

If Ray Farmer can continue to find gems late in the draft and key veteran free agent signings, the sky is the limit for this Browns team.

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