Browns Loss to Rams Makes us Question it All

The Browns hung around, yet ended up losing 20-13 to one of the best teams in the league – the Los Angeles Rams (3-0). This was a bizarre game to watch with Chris Collinsworth talking about how great lineman Aaron Donald is over and over and over again.

Sunday Night Football in Cleveland was exciting, but the Browns’ play-calling…not so much. Quarterback Baker Mayfield finished 18/36 for 195 yards and appeared uncomfortable the entire game. He could only execute on quick throws, very little down the field. Odell and Landry only had nine combined catches.

A bright spot was RB Nick Chubb with 96 yards.

After OBJ got traded here, this team was really, really hyped-up. Now, this loss is more excusable than the opening game against the Titans. However, the Browns had chances because, despite all of the injuries, the defense played well, better than expected.

Baker and company just failed to execute.

There is such a lack of discipline with the penalities that good teams just do not make. It all leads back to first-year head coach Freddie Kitchens, also the man calling the plays.

Do the players respect and adhere to his leadership? Not sure…

Is he in over his head? Maybe. Again, it’s only been three games. I don’t want to over-speculate so quickly. I am, by no means, saying to fire him or anything. It’s a work-in-progress…

It hasn’t been the best start in the world for this team filled with talent. It doesn’t get any easier heading to Baltimore next weekend for a divisional matchup.

I believe many Browns fans forgot how unproven Baker really is. Now, this isn’t to say he can’t become a star, but it takes time. There is also more film on him for other teams to now use against him and the Browns.

Just like last year, I expect the Dawgs to improve as the year goes on. This was a tough loss to swallow, but there were some positives to take away from it, specifically on the defensive side of the ball.

Baltimore will be another test and a way for this team to bounce back and show everyone they are the real deal!

A road win there and the team is back on track.

A loss? Yeah, 1-3 will not sit well with this town.

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