Browns Lose Out On McCoy…Big Deal?

The Browns were in the hunt for free agent defensive lineman Gerald McCoy. It did not end well…

If you think about it, at least McCoy is out of the AFC North and not with a team like the Baltimore Ravens whom the Browns face twice a year.

This will be the former Tampa Bay Bucs’ 10th year in the league. He is 30 years old and has played in 123 games. With 296 career tackles, 54.5 sacks, 22 defended passes and 140 career hits, this is a guy that the Browns lost out on.


With Myles Garrett, Olivier Vernon (from Giants), Sheldon Richardson (from Vikings) and Larry Ogunjobi, it’s not like the team was absolutely yearning for more players in that spot.

Could he have helped? Absolutely. But there’s a bigger chance for injury once a guy hits 30 and making up to 10.25 mil may just have been too much for the Browns.

Wishing McCoy the best of luck in Carolina. Others must now step up!

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