Browns Look to Claw back as Flacco hits IR for Broncos

It’s official. Joe Flacco is not only out in the game against the Browns tomorrow, but he is out for the season. For Browns fans this is great news, even though the Broncos have not been the best team this season. For Broncos fans this would have been great news if backup quarterback Drew Lock was not injured as well. Broncos fans have been clamoring for Lock to make his debut behind center for the Orange and Blue.

This news of Flacco’s injury is great for the Browns. While Flacco has not been the greatest quarterback this season, he is the best quarterback that the Broncos have. Brandon Allen will be starting as quarterback and is in no way as impressive as a quarterback as Flacco. If I have to give a prediction for this week’s game – the Browns should win. They have a better defense in comparison to the Broncos. The Broncos have an awful offensive line, which leaves Brandon Allen in the direct patch of players like Myles Garrett to be sacked many times in this game.

With the recent trade of Emanuel Sanders and Cortland Sutton, the Broncos offense has no firepower and the injury to Flacco gives them even less. The offense is just as much of the problem for the Broncos as the defense is, which is why the Browns should run away with this game.

The Browns should be the clear favorites in this game despite having an almost identical record to the Broncos. They have a better team overall and should easily take the Orange and Blue to the Dawg Pound. Players like Odell, Jarvis and Chubb are the backbone of the offense and should have no problem beating this defense and having an impactful performance in Sunday’s matchup.

Flacco’s injury is unfortunate for any Broncos fan, but it gives the Browns an even better chance to win a game they should have easily won in the first place and try to claw back in the AFC North.

With Flacco on IR, the Broncos have a chance to kick off the start to a new era in Denver and for the Browns, they have a chance to claw their way back in the division and live up to the expectations the media, fans and Browns organization had at the start of this season.

The Browns should win this game, but as we all know, it’s the Browns and there are no guarantees.

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