March 4, 2024

Browns: Let’s Be Positive, Or Negative, Or – BOTH!!!


I’ll admit. I thought there was absolutely no way the Browns were going to beat the 49ers at home even if quarterback Deshaun Watson was playing. With backup quarterback PJ Walker starting, I was bracing for the worst.

The 49ers missing the game-winning kick had my father so happy that he was actually proud of me. Just kidding. Matthew, if you’re reading this, you’re still Dad’s favorite don’t worry champ.

What would Browns fans have said if that kick went in and the 49ers actually took the win in Cleveland?

Well, certainly fans would’ve pulled the “same old Browns” card with the team losing and going to 2-3 on the season instead of the current 3-2. Yes, everyone would’ve been excited with all of the defensive statistics that would’ve still existed and are historic regardless, but the record would’ve spoken for itself.

Now, the reports are Watson is practicing and so far it looks as if the starting quarterback will actually start on Sunday in Indy against the Colts. With this team though there are never truly any guarantees. I would wait until Sunday at kickoff to guarantee Watson starting.

This defense has proven that regardless of whether Watson, Walker or even freakin’ Harry Potter starts there is a chance for victory. That’s what’s so amazing about this defense led by DE Myles Garrett.

Is there a chance that the Browns could end up laying an egg on Sunday even against a much worse team (than the 49ers) in the Colts? Well, there is always a chance. It depends if Watson starts, how good he is if he does play with a hurt shoulder and if it’s a backup in Walker again, can the defense hold the fort once again like they did against the 49ers?

I wouldn’t punch my Super Bowl ticket to Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada, this year. The defense certainly has gotten off to a great start. However, the offensive side of the football has a plethora of work to be done and it’s really a matter of getting Watson not just practicing but playing like he was way back in 2020 with the Texans that got him the huge contract in the first place.

Don’t worry, you’re allowed to celebrate the win against the 49ers. It’s just that was a single game in a long season and a win the team got a few lucky calls, a missed kick and an opposing team that sustained injuries.

How will the Browns improve on that win and establish themselves as a true force this year with the next test against the Colts on the road? That remains to be seen!


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