Browns Lack of Discipline Is Embarrassing

If you are anything of a Cleveland Browns fan, you understand the struggle of watching your team shoot themselves in the foot nearly every game. This Sunday against Pittsburgh wasn’t any different. One thing Cleveland is consistent in doing is making mistakes.

On the very first play from scrimmage, Johnny Manziel fumbled the ball as he was trying to pass it. He was clearly nervous as he was seen trying to wipe the sweat from his hands before the snap. This gave the Steelers the ball in the red zone for three easy points.

Later in the second quarter, Cleveland cornerback Chris Gaines committed a ridiculous pass interference that set up Pittsburgh with great field position once again. Cleveland held them to just a field goal, but a leverage penalty resulted in an automatic first down. Ben Roethlisberger found Antonio Brown for the touchdown a couple plays later for seven easy points.

On the next possession, Andrew Hawkins coughed up the ball. This was the league-leading 14th lost fumble by the Cleveland Browns. Pittsburgh had another short field to work with, but Cleveland had a goal line stand and stopped them on fourth down.

This was low risk/ high reward for the Steelers as the Browns took over on their own one yard line. Cleveland was forced to punt after their league-leading 30th three and out. The Steelers took advantage of their field position and scored a touchdown before halftime.

The second half wasn’t any better. Cleveland had a touchdown taken back due to a holding call, followed by an illegal formation penalty. Needless to say, Cleveland was faced with a third and goal at the 19 yard line.

Johnny Manziel played the best game of his NFL career, but he still threw an interception early in the fourth adding to the list of Browns’ mistakes. Later, they were called for a delay of game, another category in which Cleveland leads the league. Cleveland finished the game with 12 penalties for 188 yards.

These are numbers that are absolutely ridiculous and appear to be unfixable.

-Max Gold

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