March 4, 2024

The Cleveland Browns hosted two players Wednesday to potentially add to the team. The two players they hosted were former Rams running back Darrell Henderson Jr and former James Madison QB Todd Centeio.

These are two players that could bring some extra fuel for the Cleveland Browns. The NFL is now allowing teams to make three quarterbacks active on game days. This means Centeio could possibly be that third-string QB for the Browns. With bringing back QB Josh Dobbs, it is unlikely Centeio will be added to the roster, but there is always the practice squad and a chance to try out.

Former Rams running back Darrell Henderson Jr. would be a great pickup for the Browns. With it being unlikely the Browns are bringing back Kareem Hunt, adding Henderson Jr. would make sense to back Nick Chubb.

It will be interesting to see which directions the Browns move forward with. Either way, Barry seems to be making more moves to the roster each week.


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