February 26, 2024

Browns Hire John Dorsey as General Manager


As you all know, the Browns fired their former Executive VP of Player Operations , Sashi Brown. I think most Browns fans knew changes were coming; it was just a matter of when. Head Coach Hue Jackson and Sashi Brown could no longer stand each other. This incident was reported by multiple sources that the two were no longer on speaking terms for the last month before Brown was fired. After the “botched” A.J. McCarron trade and Hue Jackson continuously pointing fingers at the front office, we knew it’d be one of them who had to go.

So, this brings us to newly acquired general manager of the Cleveland Browns, John Dorsey.

Dorsey was with the Kansas City Chiefs from 2013-2016. He was also a big reason why the Chiefs went from one of the worst teams in the league to an above average team.

The one big question Browns fans want to be answered: Can John Dorsey draft correctly?

That answer is, yes. Here are some names:

Eric Fisher – Beginning to live up to expectations of the top pick.

Travis Kelce – One of the best tight ends in the game. Pro Bowler in 2016.

Dee Ford – Had 10 sacks in ’16 and was a Pro Bowl alternate that year, as well.

Chris Jones – Impact performer on defensive line.

Tyreek Hill – Amassed 12 touchdowns in ’16 and was considered one of the steals in his draft class.

Fortunately for Dorsey, Sashi Brown did him a massive favor in establishing a young and talented foundation. We all don’t like change, but sometimes it happens for the better. Stay confident, Browns fans.

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