November 30, 2021

Browns Have Found a Dynamic Receiver Duo in Gordon and Coleman

The Browns are coming off of arguably their most crushing loss of the season to date. Everything looked to be working in their favor but unfortunately, the Browns forgot you need to play the fourth quarter in order to win. Even though the Brown were outscored 20-0 in the final 19:55 of the game, there were still a few positives to take away from this one. The biggest being that the Browns have found themselves a great wide receiver combo in Josh Gordon and Corey Coleman.

Gordon and Coleman were only playing alongside one another for just the second time and were able to produce a good portion of the Browns offense in the first half. Gordon and Coleman combined for eight receptions for 131 yards and two scores on the day. The two of them together completely changes the way the Browns run their offense and is able to help out rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer tremendously. Also, the touchdowns shades were a nice touch on top of it.

The Browns had struggled all season long with their lack of playmakers, but with Gordon back from suspension and Coleman back from a hand injury, the Browns are able to pass the ball with much more ease than previously this season. Had the Browns not gotten completely conservative in the second half and abandoned the passing game, they might’ve been able to get their first victory of the season.

Moving forward, Browns fans should be very excited about the dynamic duo of Gordon and Coleman making plays for the offense. For the final three games of the season, expect a lot more passes headed these guys way and hopefully that’ll be the solution for the Browns getting that elusive first victory of the year and avoiding that dreaded 0-16 record.

The Browns are going to need a lot in the upcoming draft and with five picks in the first two rounds, including two picks currently in the top five, they will be able to get a lot of key pieces for the team. They may move in a new direction at quarterback or bring in a new young stud to control the backfield, but one thing is for sure, Gordon and Coleman have secured the outside for the Browns and will make the job much easier for whoever is quarterbacking this Browns team next season.

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