Browns go to Metlife and Take Care of Business – My Thoughts

It wasn’t pretty.

You aren’t a football wizard to tweet out something with a tinge of negativity because you saw what no one else did.

We all witnessed a pretty ugly game…BUT…

The oldest saying in the books is, “A win is a win.”

Our Browns beat the Jets, 23-3, on Monday Night Football and improved their record to 1-1 on the season with the Rams coming to town Sunday. These are the things I believe the team needs to work on this week:

Head coach Freddie Kitchens looks like a rookie doing the job and that is because he is one. There were some very questionable calls and I believe that the Browns have a lot more potential, especially on the offensive side of the ball. The only thing I was mad about is calling a pass play up 20 with two minutes to go in the game.

Baker subsequently got sacked.

What if he got hurt? Could you imagine…

Mayfield had 325 passing yards and that’s great. However, going 19/35 (54.3%) throwing the rock is not. He seemed uncomfortable, dancing around the pocket much of the time, and inaccurate as that number showed.

Running back Nick Chubb only had 62 yards on the ground. He did have a nice touchdown, though. I’d like to see Chubb over 100 yards each week and the Browns staying committed to running to the football, especially with a big lead late in the game as aforementioned.

OBJ’s numbers look great, but the long touchdown run really padded the stats for him and Baker.

OBJ reunites with the Metlife endzone!

However, it’s Jarvis Landry that only had three catches for 32 yards. That must be higher in future affairs. Baker has to spread the ball more and that will come with time. Let’s remember this is only the second game of this unit…

Lastly, the Browns were 4/13 on third downs – not good.

The defense, for the most part, was a lot better than the offense. We all know this is a bad team in the Jets that ended up on their third-string QB, but they are still NFL players.

I wrote an article about Myles Garrett and the roughing the passer calls.

Personally, I believe they should change, but the Browns made nine penalties for 85 yards and a lot of that was defensive. It’s better than 18 for 182 like in Week 1 against the Titans, but the discipline still needs a ton of work.

The defense did its job in holding the opposition to three points. This upcoming week against the Rams will be a real measuring stick as to how they really fair against one of the NFL’s best.

Finally, kicker Austin Seibert went 3-3 on field goals, which was reassuring.

Moving forward, Baker needs to be more accurate, the team needs to become disciplined and Kitchens has to get used to his role as head coach.

Whether it is by one or 50 points, a win is a win. This is a process and it is going to take time for the team to click. I’ve said it could even be more than a single season before everything is where it should be.

Go Browns – let’s beat the Rams and silence the critics like me!

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