Browns’ Garrett And Clowney Are A Superhero Tandem We’ve Been Waiting For

The Cleveland Browns now have the #1 NFL draft pick from 2014 and 2017 bookending the Browns defensive line. Newly acquired Jadeveon Clowney, the 2014 top draft pick, will be on one side, while Myles Garrett, the Browns 2017 top draft pick on the other side. That is scary as Myles Garrett suggested the other day when speaking to the local media. Opponents of the Browns next season will have their hands full in preparing each Sunday for these impressive and spectacular players.

It’s almost as if the Browns have not one, but two Superheroes on their team now. Kind of like Batman and Superman together or fighters Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed battling together against Mr. T and Ivan Drago.

Apollo Creed battling Rocky Balboa!

What makes this even more interesting is you now have two players that have been compared to each other for several years, dating back to their college days, and that makes the scary possibilities of playing together now just more exciting as we anticipate what this is all going to look like as the NFL season approaches.

Both players grew up in the south, Garrett in Texas and Clowney in South Carolina. Clowney is a few years older than Garrett and was considered a freaky impressive athlete when he went to college. What made Clowney stand out even more, and eventually led him to be that number #1 pick by the Houston Texans in 2014, was “The Hit” he put on a Michigan Wolverines running back in the 2013 Outback Bowl.

Garrett came along a few years later and attended Texas A&M, which also played in the SEC, the same conference that South Carolina is in. Immediately, Garrett made an impact and was compared to Clowney because of the similarities in how they played and disrupted their opponents. In Garrett’s freshman year, 2014, he registered 11.5 sacks surpassing the SEC record that Clowney had just set a few years prior with eight sacks.

So now, in 2021, they both have managed to come together and play for the Cleveland Browns. After years of being compared to each other, they will have the chance to play together and try to bring a Super Bowl to the Browns.

Clowney has more issues with injuries over the years dating back to college and his work ethic has been questioned from time to time. Garrett has had to deal with a lot of negative media attention, especially for his lapse in good judgment when he swung his helmet at the Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback Mason Rudolph a couple of seasons ago and subsequently was suspended by the NFL.

But now they have an opportunity, along with their teammates, to bring glory to a franchise that desperately needs it.

It is scary to think about what Clowney and Garrett will look like together on a Browns defensive line next season. Having these two stars, like Superheroes fighting against evil sounds about right! Let’s go Browns!

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