April 14, 2024

With Free Agency upcoming, we at CST decided to ask three of our best writers, Zach Shafron, Max Gold and Dan Lukas their thoughts on what the Browns will do during the Free Agent period.

Which Free Agent would you give top priority to going after? Why?

Zach Shafron: DT Ndamukong Suh. The Browns need to fill the middle as they could not stop the run last year. Suh, even at age 32, is still capable. I’d give him a short-term deal and try and work on it during the draft as well.

Max Gold: My top priority would be signing C.J. Mosley because there is a glaring hole at linebacker now that Cleveland cut Jamie Collins. Mosley is 26 years old so you get younger and a player who has only missed three games in five seasons. He will give you a consistent tackler as he racked up nearly 600 tackles in his career so far. Plus, it’s also a bonus when you take away from a division rival.

Dan Lukas: The free agent that I would give top priority to is C.J. Mosley, the linebacker from Baltimore. Mosley is one of the best interior linebackers in the league and would be a major upgrade to a Browns defense in desperate need of help against the run. Mosley would plug in nicely and would also be a great steal from the Ravens. 

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