Browns’ Fantasy Football Stars


It is that time of the year again…Fantasy Football! There are three players on the Brown’s roster that could turn into fantasy football stars. Their names are Trent Richardson, Josh Gordon, and Joe Haden.
Trent Richardson is one of the best running backs in the league at the moment. If he continues on his current track he will only get better. He is projected to get 274 points this season for whatever team he is on; which makes him a top ten pick. Trent Richardson is the focal point of the Brown’s offense so he is everywhere and does everything. This can cause him to get hurt, so the only thing he needs to do is stay healthy.

Josh Gordon is currently our wide receiver. He is only projected to get 169 points but that is in part due to the fact that his first two games do not count. He was suspended in relation to drugs, however he has a lot of potential on the football field. Gordon is very good at catching the ball and has good timing with our quarterback, Brandon Weedon. Another problem is he needs to improve his route running, which can be easily fixed with experience and practice.

Joe Haden is our cornerback and has been for three years. He is projected to get around 72.5 points, which is legitimate for a defensive back. He is also very fast which is beneficial when covering number one receivers. He has the tendency to get hurt which is problematic but this year he only needs to stay healthy and then he will be unstoppable.

-Dal Oprian

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