Browns Fans Have Hit The Jackpot! Enjoy The Benefits And Stop The Trade Chatter

You’ve just won a million dollars! That sounds great, right? Unfortunately, you’ve never had so much money to deal with and you end up spending it all away.

You hear these types of stories all the time when some who win millions go on a shopping spree and end up in more hardship than before they hit the jackpot.

Well, folks, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is your jackpot and some of you out there, in an alternate universe, are trying to go on a shopping spree and end up bankrupt instead. That is how some Browns fans are behaving with this meaningless talk of trying to trade Mayfield away. This time it’s a trade for quarterback Deshaun Watson, the unhappy camper down in Houston.

This whole week has really annoyed me with some in the Cleveland and national media starting up this nonstarter of a make-believe story with Mayfield and Watson swamping teams.

Let me remind you, that the Browns are coming off their most successful season in 25 years. The Browns won 12 games and battled the Kansas City Chiefs to the very end in a close loss in the playoffs.

It’s unfortunate that some in the media world want to create problems for the Browns. The saving grace for me is that the Browns front office and new coaching staff are very skilled at keeping these distractions to a minimum.

If for sake of comparison, you want to compare Mayfield and Watson, then here’s the most important stat from this past season, Mayfield won 12 games and Watson won four games.

Some have tried arguing that if the Browns had Watson, the Browns would have beaten the Chiefs in the playoff game.

Note to all of you; Watson is 1-2 in playoff games. Mayfield is 1-1.

The beauty of the Browns this past season was how Mayfield really connected to his teammates and his coach’s philosophy of trying to win the week and go 1-0.

I’m sure Watson has some of those same qualities, but this force of Browns media and fans to create chaos is not healthy.

The fact that the Browns have been so bad for so long has really affected the thinking of some. It’s simply that knee jerk reaction when this time of year arrives. As a Browns fan, you have been conditioned to look for a new quarterback and coach every two years. I get that, but folks, this is not the same now.

You have your franchise quarterback. You have your coach. These two factors will be what leads the Browns to more solid seasons and have the Browns vying for Super Bowls.

I get it that you don’t know how to handle being a millionaire because you’ve never been one. But before you go off on that run to bankruptcy, take a breath, slow down and practice better skills when it comes to budgeting that million-dollar purse.



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