Tue. Jun 25th, 2019

Browns Fan Scores With Viral Tweet

Brittany Castrataro has figured it out. Forget Tinder. Forget Bumble. Don’t even think about trying to socialize at a bar or local venue. She has found the ticket (literally) to the heart of the fans in Cleveland. It all started with this tweet shortly after the Odell Beckham trade:

Let’s be honest. As the gentleman that I am, I am looking at a girl’s content of character and if she visits her grandma frequently and what not. However, Brittany’s tweet exploded for a reason. Browns season tickets are worth so much heading into this year. She likely has guys lining up outside of her home trying to court her. Good luck, you have a lot of competition.

I did a Q & A with this lovely girl because I just thought the tweet and the response was great. Thanks to Brittany for her responses! Best of luck trying to find someone.

1. Did you expect any type of response, let alone this big?
“Honestly no, I was not expecting this to blow up as it did. Sports have always been a huge part of my life. I played basketball my whole life, starting in middle school, then playing varsity basketball and ending my career with intramurals in college. I went to The Ohio State University to study Sports Industry and Business because I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the sports field. The way to my heart is through sports, so I tried thinking of a tweet that would include both my relationship status and the Browns. I posted this tweet 40 minutes after we got OBJ, knowing that the Browns hype would be at an ultimate high.”

2. How many people have reached out to you?
“I have had family and friends reach out to me as well as over 900 people. It has been a pretty entertaining week. Some of the responses I got are golden. People mentioned that I should be the Bachelorette of Cleveland.  It is kind of ironic because I love that show and just watched the finale last week. On one of my DM’s, a guy told me that he would send me his resume, cover letter and reference sheet, which made me laugh.”

3. Who is your favorite current and all-time Browns player + favorite Browns memory?
“My favorite current Browns player would definitely have to be Baker Mayfield. I mean the guy knows how to pump up a crowd. I can tell ya it wasn’t the best sight to watch him plant the Oklahoma flag in the middle of The Shoe. I think I forgave him now, though. My all-time favorite player would be Josh Cribbs. He has stuck around in Cleveland for so long. I love his passion and his love for the city and fans of Cleveland. The fact that he came back to be a coach in Cleveland shows how much this team means to him. My favorite memory would have to be when Baker came into the Thursday night game and fired up the crowd. That was a turning point for this organization. Then seeing a win, definitely topped off the night.”

4. How do you think the team will do this year?
“I am predicting we go 11-5 this year. I have loved what the organization has done so far. We have a lot of weapons in all positions. I feel like Cleveland is the place to be. John Dorsey has definitely made a positive impact on this team. I feel confident about us winning the AFC North. Hopefully, OBJ can ease the pain from Lebron leaving us. I do love that LeBron fulfilled his promise to bring us back a championship to Cleveland.”

5. What is your favorite part of going to a Browns game?
-“My favorite part of going to a Browns game would definitely have to be the early morning trips to the Muni Lot to start off the day. Then the walk to the game and hear the people in the streets going ‘Here we go Brownies, here we go…woof woof.’ Then, finally getting to the game and it feels like home. Our seats are 11 rows from the field in the Dawg Pound. Everyone in our section has had those seats forever, so I just feel like we have stuck together as a family for years and now it’s FINALLY OUR TIME.”

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