Browns Extend DE Myles Garrett – The Good & The Bad

The Cleveland Browns and 24-year-old defensive end Myles Garrett have reached a deal on an extension worth $125 million. The deal includes 100 million guaranteed and 50 million guaranteed at signing over five years. Thus, a 25 million-a-year average and the highest-paid defensive player in the league, passing LB Khalil Mack of the Chicago Bears.

In the 37 games the 2017 first overall pick out of Texas A&M has played in, the star has 30.5 sacks and is always a presence in the backfield.

This extension would keep Garrett in Cleveland through the 2026 season. The Browns have had a history of not being able to re-sign first-round picks.

This is certainly a huge move for a franchise that values Garrett’s services.

Garrett missed the last six games of 2019 due to suspension because of the incident with Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph. Tearing off Rudolph’s helmet and hitting the man on the head with it. In Garrett’s ten games played last season, it came with ten sacks.

The NFL has reinstated Garrett, who stands at 6’4 and weighs 272 pounds of sheer muscle.

Now, is this a good or bad move for the Dawgs?

Well, the NFL has a salary cap. Unlike, say, the MLB, strategizing how a team spends its money is paramount. The Browns clearly prioritize this idea of keeping one of the best edge rushers in the league, an important position certainly. However, $125 million is a huge amount of money for any single player.

Say this was a quarterback or running back, that dollar amount might be of a bit more reasonable. However, someone as simply an edge rusher doesn’t always impact so many plays that the value of the contract becomes worth it. That money could eventually have gone to other skill positions within the organization.

On the flip side, another team could have outbid the Browns for Garrett’s services in the future. It was going to take a massive amount of money to get the defensive end, no matter the team. This is why Cleveland went to such extreme lengths to keep Garrett in The Land.

Yes, Myles Garrett is a great, great player. Congratulations on the extension. However, will it come at a cost for a team that hasn’t won in so many years? That remains to be seen.



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