It was an ugly victory but a win is a win. Kareem Hunt scored a touchdown with 15 seconds left to go. The Cleveland Browns edged out in a 39-38 victory on the road over the Indianapolis Colts. It took a little bit of everything for the Browns to win this game. The Browns improved to 4-2 in the season.

The Browns got off to a rocky start. Quarterback Deshaun Watson got hurt early in the game. Therefore, backup quarterback P.J. Walker had to step in. You had several key players who helped Cleveland stay in the game and contribute to their victory. Myles Garrett was big-time for Cleveland. He kept them in the game with his defensive plays. He’s without a doubt a defense player of the year candidate so far. Kicker Dustin Hopkins went 4-for-4 with field goals. The longest he kicked was a 58-yard field goal. Last but not least, running back Kareem Hunt scored two key touchdowns for Cleveland.

Now, I’m not going to sugarcoat anything. The Browns were lucky to get two penalties to go in their favor in the last minute of the game. The first one was an illegal contact. Without this call, the game would’ve been over and the Colts would’ve won the game. The second call was more controversial which was a pass interference call.

The Browns need to win more games without the help of the refs. Like I said, it was an ugly win but we will take it. The Browns will travel to Seattle next weekend to take on the Seahawks, who are also 4-2 this season. This presents the Browns with another challenge. In the meantime, we are waiting to see the status of Deshaun Watson’s injury.

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