Browns Drop from Playoff Picture, Gain Respect

Cleveland Browns fans went a little crazy last night. It wasn’t crazy in a bad sense. The win over Denver was dramatic, exciting and seemed to settle an old score or two. It was hard for a lot of fans to go to sleep when it was over. It would have been hard to imagine a month or two ago, yet last night’s win was the most excitement we’ve seen in Cleveland sports since the Indians made the World Series and the Cavaliers won the NBA Championship in 2016.

We all slept like babies and maybe a few of us started to believe this team had a real shot at making its first playoff appearance since the 2002 season. That fantasy was crushed when the Steelers and Raven both won today. Guess what. It doesn’t matter. This season has never been about the Browns making a playoff run. Of course, it would have been sweet had it come to fruition, yet we know where this team came from.

Dorsey has had one season.

Browns GM John Dorsey has accomplished a lot in his tenure with the Browns. Now, just imagine where this roster can be after another off-season or two. It’s almost mind-blowing to think of how talented this roster could be down the road. The Browns currently own 11 picks in the 2019 NFL Draft. The team may now have extra picks in the first two rounds, so they will not rule the draft by shear draft capital. As for me, I’ll take my chances with the Browns GM making our picks. The extra picks in the later rounds could still be serious contributors. Dorsey and company will also have an estimated $80 million in cap space on 2019 per

Baker has played less than 11 full games

What else can we say about Baker that hasn’t already been said? I’m not ready to put him in Canton just yet, but the fact that we have a franchise quarterback should not be lost on anyone. The importance of picking the right guy cannot be overstated. If Baker Mayfield was the only pick Dorsey hit on in the 2018 draft, it would still be arguably the best draft we’ve seen in Cleveland since the Browns selected Joe Thomas in 2007. Baker is putting up historic numbers in his rookie season. He has a shot at some records, but all we truly care about is his progression. This guy learns from everything that happens. He works hard and is not afraid of anything.


This offense has a shot to do something that has only happened twice in team history. In 1981 and most recently in 2007, the Browns had a 3,500-yard passer, a 1,000-yard rusher and 1,000-yard receiver. Baker and Nick Chubb are both on pace to hit their share of this achievement. Jarvis Landry will need a big game or two. The point here is that the Browns have talent at a multitude of positions.

The future is now.

We’ve waited for years to have a Browns team that could compete with anyone, make us proud and deliver a punch to an opponent when necessary. Our time as fans has come. This team’s trajectory is that of a rocket headed to the moon, so brace yourselves and enjoy the ride the next several seasons have in store for us.

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