Browns Draft Drew Forbes

This is the pick I have been waiting since day one for. Drew is by far the most overlooked prospect in the NFL draft. That is not just my opinion either. Sports Illustrated posted their yearly article called “Prospect X” which covers the most overlooked prospect in the current year’s draft and this year “Prospect X” was Drew Forbes. He had flown under the radar for most of the year as Southeast Missouri State had typically been on the bottom have of the Ohio Valley Conference for nearly the past decade. However, he was propelled back into the spotlight after his impressive pro day.

Drew as a player is an animal out on the field. He is someone you would never want to mess with at all. However, off the field, he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He is incredibly down to earth and the kind of guy you would want to just go out and grab a drink with. While he seems like this larger than life guy he is so genuine and cares about everyone he comes in contact with. Every team needs players with high character and Drew is that guy.

The reveal of “Prospect X” just came out today, and I was right on the money, it was none other than Drew Forbes. If you have yet to check out both articles, I HIGHLY suggest you do. It gives a lot of inside on not just Drew, but how highly John Dorsey and the Browns Brass thinks of him. It goes in depth about the draft party that is just a couple miles away from campus and about his personal life and how much of a family man he is.

Aside from just how amazing of a person is, he is a perfect fit for the Cleveland Browns. Really, the only help the Browns need on offense is the offensive line and Drew has the grit and the tenacity to be great. There has been a lot of talk about Drew playing guard, however, Cleveland plans to keep him at tackle and trying to develop him there before deciding to make that switch. I really think he has the chance to become a starter on the line and turn into a top talent. My comparison for Drew is Joe Thomas. A massive human being who can move anyone he wants to. Also, you know it’s a good pick if John Dorsey makes it. Cleveland, welcome your newest rookie, Drew Forbes.

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