April 14, 2024

DEFENSE! DEFENSE! DEFENSE! The ‘Battle of Ohio’ took place on Sunday afternoon between the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns. These two teams don’t like each other. Browns have been listening to Cincinnati’s trash talk. It lit a fire in them. In this NFL Season Kickoff, the Browns had the last laugh. Browns were in command in this game and grabbed a 24-3 victory over the Bengals.

The Bengals quarterback had an off-game. He threw a career-low 82 yards. Burrow recently signed a 5-year, $275 million. His new contract extension makes him the highest-paid player in NFL history. Does the Browns defense care about his contract? Well, they don’t. We have to give the Browns’ defense a lot of credit. All-Pro pass rusher Myles Garrett led the Browns defense. They kept the pressure and pounded Joe Burrow and their offensive lineman. Browns’ defense held the Bengals to just 67 passing yards and 75 rushing yards.

This defense is fresh and tenacious and they have a new defensive coordinator in Jim Schwartz, who won a Super Bowl as the defensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2018. He’s a defensive-minded coach and in every team he stepped a foot in, he had at least one player who ended up as All-Pro Team and Pro Bowler. Schwartz is the real deal and Cleveland is in good hands. Consistency, chemistry, and durability will be a factor for them for the rest of the season.

Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson completed 16 of his 29 passes throwing for 154 yards with one touchdown and one interception. Running back Nick Chubb had 18 carries for 106 yards.

The Browns will head to the Steel City for a Monday Night Football prime-time game against the Steelers.

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