November 27, 2022

Browns Broke a Record – and It’s Not Good…

Are you ready for this?

“The Browns became the first team in NFL history to lose a game where they scored over 40 points and committed no turnovers. They are also the first team to ever top 40 points, 500 yards and zero turnovers in the history of the NFL.”

The teams before this were 463-0 when this occurrence happened. 

That is absolutely insane. It doesn’t feel like it’s possible when thinking about it. Obviously, that’s why it’s the first time in NFL history to occur.


Sure, one could say it’s great the team didn’t commit any turnover. One could also say it’s good how well the team drove the ball down the field and scored such a tremendous about of points. Regardless, a loss is a loss and those numbers are what makes it sting even more.

Scoring 47 points…

Gaining 531 total yards…

Not turning the ball over…

It goes to show just how bad the defense was because those numbers should result in a win every single time.

Moving forward, the Browns have a battle with the undefeated Chiefs and it’s going to be a difficult battle this coming Sunday at 4 p.m. here in Cleveland. Let’s just say that giving up 42 points or frankly, anything even close to that amount is not going to cut it against a team of that caliber.

What’s even more bizarre is if we take a look at the previous weeks.

In Week 3, the Browns beat the Bears by a score of 26-6. In Week 4, the Browns beat the Vikings by a score of 14-7. Thus, it’s not like this team isn’t capable of holding teams to a minimal amount of points. The game against the Chargers isn’t what we see every week. It just cannot become a pattern…

The Browns are now 3-2 and losing another game to push them to .500 would not be good. A solid win where the defense performs as such in those two weeks would be great. Giving the offense a chance to shine and ultimately score enough to win in front of the home crowd.

Let’s set some good records from now on!



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