BROWNS: Art Modell is Cracking Up – Here’s Why


UPDATE: WKYC originally reported this and has deleted both their tweet and article. We will keep our article posted. However, we will make sure that we stay on top of the news moving forward. Thanks for understanding!

I wasn’t old enough to be around when the Browns were moved from Cleveland to Baltimore. Frankly, I couldn’t imagine losing my team to another city and what fans had to endure because of it. What I do know is that man Mr. Art Modell was absolutely hated by this city and that’s for sure.

This news is different than the Baltimore move of the past.

The reports are that the Browns will be playing in Columbus as the new stadium is built. It could be 2-3 years or more. However, they’ll still be named Cleveland and not say the Columbus Browns or anything like that…

My questions are…

What are season ticket holders now suposed to do with the location now being in Columbus? Do they get any type of refund?

Will other teams have an advantage when less Cleveland fans attend the games cause it’s in Columbus?¬†

Will Columbus folks become Browns fans?

How long is this plan going to take in order to build the new stadium? 

I would assume that the location would be Ohio Stadium AKA “The Shoe” in Columbus where the Ohio State Buckeyes play. The capacity for that is 102,780 fans. For Cleveland Browns Stadium the capacity is 67,431. Not quite as large…

This should work out if the Browns and Haslam’s are able to build a great stadium that has hopefully a retractable roof. Additionally, that it doesn’t take forever to build.

Again though, will fans be willing to take the trip to Columbus to attend a Browns Game compared to the usual trip downdown? That remains to be seen.

The announcements about the stadium could come as soon as next week. It will be interesting to see just how drastic the changes truly are moving forward and how this plan is actually going to work as a franchise because there are a lot of ins and outs involved.

Details are certain to come as soon as we hear more! We will post about it on this site and Twitter/Facebook!

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