With the schedule having been released and everyone doing their picks, I might as well do so too. I have already said in many places I think the Browns are 13-win and division title contenders and this schedule may help this case. Here are my predictions for each game of the 2024 Browns season:

First Six Games

We’ll ignore the preseason since they aren’t even real NFL games and just skip to the actually useful stuff. For the first three games in this group, we get the Cowboys, Jaguars and Giants. The Cowboys forgot free agency existed, the Jaguars have been shaky for a few years now and the Giants suck. 2-1 is what I’ll put down for now, with a loss to the Jags. I wouldn’t be shocked if we went 3-0, or still went 2-1 but lost to the Cowboys. The next three are Raiders, Commanders and Eagles. I think 3-0 is very likely, with the Raiders being the only challenge. That means a 5-1 or 6-0 start may be possible, but look closer to 4-2 for realism.

Next Six Games

Here we get a much more difficult stretch, with the first three being the Bengals, Ravens and Chargers. Who knows how the Bengals will do, the Ravens may have Lamar or may not by this point and the Charges are a coin flip. Expect 2-1 or even 1-2 to be our situation, but a lot of factors play into here. The final three of this segment are the Saints, Steelers and Broncos, a 3-0 stretch. The Saints are mid, the Steelers do have the Browns number at least once and the Broncos have a rookie QB. For realism purposes, we’ll do 4-2 again as our total.

Final Five Games

With the season coming to a close, we get our hardest games of the season. The first three are the Steelers, Chiefs and the Bengals. Again the Steelers consistently mess us up and win at least one game per season, but we always win one too. The Chiefs are the Chiefs, so we’ll just chalk it up as a loss and leave it at that. Browns are great at beating the Bengals, so realistically we’re looking at 2-1. Our final two are tough too, being the Dolphins and Ravens. Lamar and Tua’s health are key factors here, as their health will more or less determine the outcome. I’ll leave it at 1-1 since there are too many variables to deal with. 3-2 isn’t great, but it’s plus .500 so I’m happy.


Adding everything up, we get 11-6. I said at the start that 12-13 wins are possible and I still believe that, even though I predicted lower. The NFL season is just inherently unpredictable, which is what predicting so hard to do. Injuries, fatigue, weather, home-field advantage and more add so many factors a correct guess is impossible. I said the first six games could be a 6-0 or 5-1 start, which would put us in that 12-13 win area. I’ll leave it here as 11-6, but I still feel good about a division win and those 13 wins.

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