Browns 2019 Season a Microcosm of Life in General

Expectations vs. Reality…

In every facet of life, those are two very big factors and most of the time the expectation is higher than what actually occurs. Sometimes, one can be pleasantly surprised, but usually, that is not the case.

When the Browns got OBJ, man, this city exploded (me included). Acquiring one of (if not the best) wide receivers in the league to a team ready to thrive was an amazing feeling.

Then, the actual season started.

It’s not that I am saying the Browns are going to be bad. Actually, this year, the team has a really good shot to make the playoffs.

It’s just…things are never easy. Even in football…even with Baker & OBJ.

Week 1 – Everyone is ready for the Browns to begin this new-era of domination and instead, Tennessee comes into Cleveland and destroys us.

Week 2 – The team wins by 20, on the road, but against a terrible Jets team. Still, many complain about this or that and honestly, mostly valid criticisms of the Browns.

Our starting tight end is hurt, starting linebacker is hurt, too. Both may need surgery. Our secondary is battered and bruised. That’s not good…

Baker is holding the ball too long, the play-calling needs to involve RB Nick Chubb more and Freddie Kitchens does look like the rookie head coach he is…

The 2-0 LA Rams come to town for Sunday Night Football and it is poised to be a huge game to really show where the Browns are at. We all know the Rams are great, but this is on our turf in front of our fans.

A win? Fans will book their tickets to Miami for the Super Bowl, expecting our Browns to be in it, frankly.

A loss? Everyone cries “Same Old Browns” and this team takes a 1-2 record to a game in Baltimore against a Ravens team that looks very good as well.

Things are never easy.

This is true in life and in football. I keep saying in many of my articles of late that this is a process that will take years to come to fruition.

Simply put, Freddie is a first-year, Baker is a sophomore, Odell is new and there is so much that has to click before a playoff run is even in the question.

Don’t take 2019 as a “win or die” type of season. This is the stepping stone to a future filled with greatness. It just takes patience and players staying healthy.

Enjoy the game on Sunday Night and appreciate the team playing in primetime again. Don’t throw all your eggs in one basket. This year is just the beginning.

And a bonus? After MNF, there is no possible way for 0-16.

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