November 28, 2022

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(#1) The Pick: QB Baker Mayfield

Grade: A+

Any time a team is able to get their preferred guy, it should be considered a home run. Throughout the entire draft process, Baker Mayfield was my No.1 QB in the 2018 Draft. He may be on the short side, standing at 6’1. Some may say it’s a big deal, but he makes up for it by throwing with anticipation, creating his own windows/lanes and being able to change his arm angle.

Mayfield is one of the highest achieving quarterbacks in college history. During his four years, he threw for 14,607 yards, 131 touchdowns and only 30 interceptions.

At Oklahoma, Head Coach Lincoln Riley loved running RPOs (run-pass option) with Mayfield at the helm. Hopefully, the Browns take a few tips from Riley and implement certain plays that fit his style.

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