November 28, 2022

Browns 1st And Goal Report: With Chubb Out, How Will Team Respond?

1st and goal: Will the Browns be able to bounce back from last week’s loss?

The Browns torched the Chargers for over 500 yards of offense, scored 42 points, but still managed to lose the game last week. The Cardinals are playing very well at the moment, being the only 5-0 team in the NFL. They rank near the top of every offensive category  They’ve had their share of both close games and blowouts. Their only common opponent with the Browns is the Minnesota Vikings, where they snuck out with the win.

This game Sunday has more though to do with how the Browns react after such a tough loss last week to the Los Angeles Chargers. Cleveland hasn’t lost two games in a row under coach Kevin Stefanski’s watch in these first two seasons.

The pressure on Sunday will be enormous. The Browns are back home at First Energy Stadium. The trouble I foresee is that every play drawn up by coach Stefanski, every throw from Browns Mayfield will be analyzed under a microscope and the defense will be under that same scope because they were absolutely torched last weekend.

With pressures mounting every game we move through the season, the more I’m worried about the final outcome. Last year, Stefanski and this team had the benefit of the honeymoon and they took advantage of the success to a tee.

This season there have been issues with communication on the field. There have also been more games already where Stefanski’s play calling is being disputed. One adds in the various injuries hitting the team, especially in the defensive secondary and the offensive line and now with Chubb on the injury list and one may have a problem.

Mayfield looked better this past week but again couldn’t finish the game off and secure the win. That pattern unfortunately has happened twice now this season and it has opened up another can of worms in regards to Mayfield. It’s having people asking if he can really get the job done when it matters most.


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