February 20, 2024

Photo from https://www.chron.com/sports/texans/article/Nick-Chubb-Kareem-Hunt-Browns-Texans-15729087.php

We’ve finally made it. After months of deliberation and debate, the Cleveland Browns open their season against the Carolina Panthers today. If you’re reading this before the game let’s all assume the Browns are going to be victorious.

However many of us, as lifelong fans know that it’s never easy being a Browns fan but it’s a commitment to the team we love that keeps us coming back every Sunday. 

If you’ve followed everything that’s happened with the team over the last several months you recognize that there have been a lot of changes coming into this game. The Browns former quarterback is now playing for the other team that you’re going to watch this afternoon. What a plot twist.

 Many of you have been fans of Baker Mayfield and he will continue being a fan of the quarterback but hopefully not in this one as you cheer for Cleveland.

The decision by the team to bring in Deshaun Watson to be the future face of the franchise has not set well with many Browns fans. This has created some divide amongst the fan base. But this is Sunday, Week 1 of the NFL season. The Browns are a football team. It’s not just an individual sport.

I’ll be cheering for the team and I hope you will too. With that let’s get into our 1st and Goal Report.


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