February 27, 2024

Browns 1st and Goal Report: The Final Preseason Game


The Week 3 preseason game between the Cleveland Browns and Chicago Bears is only hours away. It’ll be the first time Browns fans will get to see their new starting quarterback Jacoby Brissett behind center. 

Both teams have said they’d play most of their starters at least through a quarter or two. That will be fun for both sets of fans to watch. Last year, when the Bears came to town in the regular season, the Browns, especially their defense had a great game against the Bears quarterback Justin Fields. Will this be a repeat performance? 

There are many topics and questions that are still swirling around this Cleveland squad. Many of those issues were self-created by the Browns front office earlier this spring when they decided to break up the band, parted ways with their former franchise quarterback Baker Mayfield and brought in the controversial quarterback Deshaun Watson. 

We now know that Watson won’t suit up in a Browns uniform until Week 13. That’s a long way off. That’s early December for those keeping track. 

Browns fans are resilient. They’ll keep cheering despite the seemingly always off-the-field issues.

The team has brought in a new coach in Kevin Stefanski and a new GM in Andrew Berry in the last two years and though they will put on their “all is cool” masks, there’s still this underlining problem with the team. It’s like they always stub their toe and can’t stop running into the couch and doing it again. 

Investing $230 million in a quarterback that will not have played in an actual game in over two years is in all honesty, a frightening deal. Yes, there’s a lot to look forward to because of the potential that Watson has but it could all be busted up like a balloon being hit with a pin. 

With that as the back story, let’s tackle our 1st and Goal questions for this game. 

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