Browns 1st And Goal Report: The Chiefs Game Is Finally Here; Can The Browns Seek Revenge?

QB Baker Mayfield celebrates the Cleveland Browns clinching their first playoff berth in 18 years.

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2nd Down “Run the ball coach!”

That playoff loss by the Browns back in January still has me mystified. Why Browns coach Kevin Stefanski went away from the run, especially in that 1st half will always have me questioning what the heck he was thinking?  In that Browns opening game series, the Browns ran the ball five times, including a couple runs by Nick Chubb, a run by wide receiver Jarvis Landry and a quarterback run by Mayfield. The opening series stalled but they got a field goal out of it.

The Browns only had the ball two more series in that first half but only ran the ball once.

Browns’ other running back Kareem Hunt didn’t touch the ball until the 2nd half. I have a lot of trust in Browns coach Stefanski, but I think it was one of those moments as an inexperienced head coach that really exposed the coach’s play-calling as still needing work.

Look for Hunt to be much more involved in this game than the last one. I could see Hunt grabbing a couple of screen passes early to test the Chiefs’ defense. That type of play worked well for the Browns last season and I’d expect to see it again in this game.


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