February 27, 2024

Football is back! We’ve debated, stressed and been anxious for this new Cleveland Browns season for a while now. When the team decided to trade for Deshaun Watson back in March it changed the way we all look at our favorite team. For some, it meant that you stopped cheering for them, canceled your season tickets and became upset with this latest move. There has been a lot that has transpired since the decision to bring Watson here because of all the baggage that Watson brought with him. 

For other Browns fans, you saw an upgrade in a quarterback over previous quarterback Baker Mayfield. And now you are planning to see the Browns in a Super Bowl. 

Depending on where you fall between these two camps of polarizing thought you will be excited tonight to watch the team or you’ll be outside and enjoying the unseasonably cool summer night here in Northeastern Ohio and ignoring the Browns game.

I for one will be glued to the game like all the other games, in the many years of being a fan of the team.  The loyalty of the fan base and unwavering support by most is what always brings me back.  

With that as the background to this first preseason game of the season let’s tackle a few things to look at for this game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in our first Browns 1st and Goal Report of the year. 


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