Browns 1st and Goal Report: A New Year but an Old Foe in Pittsburgh


4th Down and Goal: Browns need to play the game as if it were a playoff game

It should be all-out warfare out there Monday if the Browns want to continue their run to the playoffs. I suspect they will play tougher than usual, but if they go down early as the Steelers try and break their spirit then the game could be a big loss for the team.

There has been so much turmoil this season that it has all of us fans of the team continently scratching our heads week to week trying to get a gage on this team. The number of heavy questions that still lay in front of this team as the season comes to a close could be too much for this team to handle under the bright lights Monday. The emotion of the Steeler crowd and Roethlisberger’s tears will all make the night a tougher win for the Browns.

I’ll have my fingers and toes crossed like you. My eyes will be half-open as Mayfield attempts passes. Let’s hope with the four interceptions last week that he got the interception bug out of his system. I look for the whole team to play every play like it’s their last. If not, we’ll be discussing the Browns picks in the upcoming draft this offseason.

Go Browns!


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