December 3, 2023

Browns 1st and Goal Report: A Halloween MNF Special Edition

3rd and Goal: Browns have to be prepared for Joe Burrow

I heard Myles Garrett talk earlier this week about how the Browns have had success against the Bengals and Joe Burrow in the past and have a 4-0 record against them and because of that Garrett seemed to indicate that the Browns would be in good shape for the win. This is all concerning because it’s just more talk from a player on the Browns that hasn’t done much to help the team win this season as they are 2-5 and have lost four straight. Yes, Garrett is an outstanding talent and he is one of the best to wear a Browns uniform, but in this season and at this moment he hasn’t helped enough. And sometimes, that’s more about leading by example and with his latest chatter about Burrow, it’s just more talk at this point.

Burrow will be ready to play tonight and wants the win. Do the Browns want the win? Are they willing to show and play with more effort?, pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0


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