Browns 1st and Goal Report: A Halloween MNF Special Edition

2nd and Goal: Stefanski is on a warm seat and needs to call a good game tonight

When Kevin Stefanski came to Cleveland, he quickly became the new darling of the city. He was a cool-looking coach who was winning and projecting a guy that had it all together. But since that season, we’ve continued to watch a coach that sounds like a broken record of mistakes. He’s continually excusing his players’ poor play by blaming himself. He doesn’t sound like a coach with a lot of confidence and the team and his locker room seems like a place that is full of dysfunction again.

He may be considered an offensive genius with his play calls but his team is not responding. Is it the lack of talent or simply that Stefanski might be better suited to return to a full-time coordinator position?

Everyone reacts to stressful situations differently, but when have you seen Stefanski really get mad? Like scream, yell, or get in the face of a referee? I’m not here to pick apart Stefanski but having a coach that matches some of the emotions of his fan base might do some good.


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